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In the second game of the new Serie A season, Inter Milan's first away game, Inter Milan took off more points to win 5-2 Benevento, the team won the new season two consecutive victories. Inter Milan has scored 9 goals in the two games and demonstrated terrifying offensive firepower. Conte sent compliments to his disciples after the game, "We are a team that can create many scoring opportunities. Watch this Inter Milan game. It makes me enjoy it."


In the match with Benevento, Inter Milan took the lead early. In just 28 seconds from the start of the game, Ashraf assisted Lukaku to score. Compared to the first game with Fiorentina, Conte had 7 rotations for the starting lineup, but this did not affect the team's tactical play. Inter Milan showed enough offensiveness in the game, you must know that Inter Milan has scored 9 goals in the two rounds of the new season. Conte is also quite satisfied. "The most satisfying thing for a coach is that when the team rotates, the overall play and performance remain at the same level."

在与贝内文托的比赛中,国际米兰尽早取得领先。从比赛开始仅28秒,阿什拉夫(Ashraf)协助卢卡库(Lukaku)得分。与与佛罗伦萨的第一场比赛相比,孔戴的首发阵容有7次旋转,但这并不影响球队的战术战术。国际米兰在比赛中表现出足够的进攻性,您必须知道国际米兰在新赛季的两轮比赛中均攻入9球。孔戴也很满意。 “教练最满意的是,当团队轮换时,整体比赛和表现保持在同一水平。”

The new aid introduced by Inter Milan played well in this game and quickly integrated into Inter Milan's tactical system. In the two rounds, Ashraf showed his ability and level. He contributed two assists and one goal in the two games, and reached the top of the assist list. His absolute speed, explosiveness and agility in front of the goal improved Inter Milan's right. The level of the wing position. Ashraf also said that he has adapted well in Inter Milan, "I am happy for everything, I have adapted well, I am learning the requirements of the head coach for me, this is a very positive start."


The other two starting players also showed a good competitive state. Kolarov used his signature long pass to instigate Inter's first goal, and also contributed a lot of steals and interceptions on the defensive end. Although Vidal arrived the latest in the team, he used his performance with Conte to show a seamless link with Inter midfielder. The three new aids effectively enhanced Inter Milan's lineup strength, and Inter Milan also found the most suitable players for the team this summer.


After experiencing two consecutive victories, Inter Milan is enjoying the happiness of the moment. At the same time, it is also focusing on the next game against Lazio. Shik said after the game, "We are stronger than last season. We must keep our feet on the ground and move forward step by step. The game will be very difficult, we must stay focused and always go all out for 90 minutes."

在经历了连续两次胜利之后,国际米兰享受了当下的幸福。同时,它也专注于与拉齐奥的下一场比赛。 Shik在比赛结束后说:“我们比上赛季更强LOL电竞下注大。我们必须LOL电竞下注站稳脚跟,一步一步前进。比赛将非常困难,我们必须保持专注并始终保持90分钟全力以赴。”

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